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๐ŸŽค Best themed karaoke nights in Las Vegas ๐ŸŽค

May 22 - May 25

Get ready to hit those high notes! Here’s a curated list of noteworthy themed karaoke nights around the Las Vegas Valley. Weโ€™ve made every effort to ensure this information is current and accurate, but please confirm it with the event organizers. (Pictured: Punk Rock Karaoke at Berlin/Daniel Castro @danielcastrophoto)

โฉ 9pm Mondays @ Berlin: Punk Rock Karaoke | No pop songs here. Less Taylor Swift, more Misfits | Food and Drink Specials | Hosted by Dale Gilbert | Free

โฉ 10pm Tuesdays and 1st Friday of the month @ Starboard Tack: Carloke | A gregarious host makes this karaoke night one of a kind | Props for blues and country selections | Free

โฉ 8p Wednesdays @ Blue Ox Tavern: Waikiki Wednesdays Karaoke | Island-themed karaoke brought to you by Corral Brothers Showtyme Karaoke Gone Wild | Free

โฉ 7p Wednesdays @ NuWU Cannabis: Canna Karaoke| A weekly karaoke experience hosted by Jenn From Japan. Show your receipt to take the stage and hit some literal high notes.

โฉ Various times and locations: Karate Karaoke | Karate Karaoke puts on competitive karaoke events where participants earn their belts for prizes, and features The Dojo, which “comprised of the finest karaoke warriors in Las Vegas.”

โฉ 7p Second and fourth Thursdays at Area 15: Karaoke in The Wall | Sing to immersive visuals in this karaoke night featuring 45,000 songs to choose from, hosted by The Party Jockeys | Free, all ages

โฉ 8p Thursdays @Millennium Fandom Bar: Fandom Karaoke | Sing your heart out to Disney, K-Pop, Broadway, anime, or whatever fandom you fancy. | Free