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April Art Receptions

April 20 at 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm


This event is a reception for three art exhibits at Las Vegas City Hall. In “Kindness, Neighbors, Art,” Sapira Cheuk shares her experience as a transplant to Las Vegas, where she has received hospitality and kindness, particularly from the art community. Her artwork features figures that reflect the gentle and compassionate nature of the people she has encountered. Cheuk is an ink painter and installation artist with a focus on proprioception, and she has exhibited her work in various museums and galleries.

In “Opposing Forces,” the exhibition aims to make light of the idea of American competitiveness and instead prioritize the important aspects of art. The goal is not to compete and win, but to showcase the strongest works of art based on technique, form, aesthetics, and how well they compare to each other. The focus is on choosing the most interesting two pieces that can both stand out in their own way.

“Our Mothers Tongues,” curated by Lance LaMar Smith, showcases the diverse and powerful voices of Black individuals. The exhibition explores the complex themes of identity, community, and language, highlighting how these elements both connect and divide us. Featuring works by Gail Brito-Watson, Shereene Fogenay, Q’Shaundra James, Kaitlyn B. Jones, Ayanah Moore, and Joseph Watson, the exhibition delves into cultural identity and the inheritance of language from one generation to the next. Through various mediums such as painting, photography, video, and oral history, “Our Mothers Tongues” urges us to listen closely to the voices of Black women and to contemplate how language shapes our understanding of issues such as race, gender, and class.

(Pictured: Rick Spero, Fairytale Castle, ceramic)


Las Vegas City Hall Grand Gallery

495 S. Main Street
Las Vegas, NV 89101 United States