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April 25


Artist Judith Klausner writes, “Often when something has โ€œgone bad,โ€ it gives rise to something new, but it can be hard to appreciate new growth in the shadow of our disappointment. I like the idea of spending hours meticulously crafting something that most people think of as ruined. Even my materials are an exercise in reevaluating the underappreciated: my primary medium is generally dismissed as ‘for kids.’

This work reflects my own journey to reframe my life as a disabled person. I spent a decade only seeing the ways my life hadnโ€™t turned out how I had expected, and seeing those discrepancies as failures. It has only been by readjusting my lens that I have learned to appreciate the life I do have. I am finally allowing myself to be happy.”

On exhibit at Windmill Library from April 25 through July 3, 2023

Windmill Library

7060 West Windmill Lane
Las Vegas, NV 89113 United States