About The List

TheList.Vegas is a Las Vegas events calendar created by locals, curated for locals. With an emphasis on our vibrant local arts, culture, and entertainment scene, The List aims to be easy to read and simple to use. No infuriating pop-ups, no social media noise, no spammy algorithmic garbage listings all up in your face, just hella cool local culture.

The List aims to include everything from classical concerts to food festivals to punk shows to poetry readings. However, The List does not claim to be a comprehensive Las Vegas events calendar. Rather, The List generally highlights events by local creators who might not have the marketing budget of a corporate promoter or big-box venue. It presents a diverse sampling of happenings, genres, and venues in the hope that it’ll inspire you to explore and embrace your city.

🌶️ Ooh, this bullet point is spicy: The List also has an Instagram feed, which you are heartily encouraged to follow, but the animating spirit of TheList.Vegas does imply, and encourage, a principled suspicion of the unfortunate features of the modern megacorp internet and Big Social: attentional thirst traps, data harvesting, digital surveillance, ad blitz honeypots, behavioral engineering, and other sadface praxis. As an independent website, TheList.Vegas relies on your support. For as little as $5 a month, you’ll support this indie cultural resource and get a few extra perks in your weekly 6 Picks newsletter, including bonus event alerts and a vague, auric overlay of personal warmth.

Listings are filtered, curated, gently bathed, swaddled, and then published according to a mysterious and baroquely intuitive editorial philosophy. Listings are free, but submission does not guarantee inclusion; sponsored listings and display advertising are also available. Listing blurbs are based on information provided by event organizers, and are edited for length and clarity. Every effort is made to ensure that event information is accurate and current. The List.Vegas is a business licensed in the City of Las Vegas, license #G70-05114.

TheList.Vegas operates out of Downtown Las Vegas and is published by Andrew Kiraly, a native Las Vegan (eastsiiiide!) and longtime Southern Nevada journalist.

About Our Curators

Andrew Kiraly, publisher. Andrew Kiraly is a writer and editor based in Southern Nevada. From 2010 to 2022, he served as editor of Desert Companion, Nevada Public Radio’s award-winning city-regional magazine. Prior to that, he was a writer and editor at local alt-weeklies The Mercury and Las Vegas CityLife for, gawd, decades. An MFA graduate from UNLV’s Creative Writing program, he’s also published numerous short stories, one deservedly out-of-print novel, and countless punk and skate ’zines. He started TheList.Vegas as a way to keep track of all the fun things he likes to do in his hometown. Now he’s sharing it with you.

Ginger Meurer, curator. Ginger has more than two decades of journalism experience, culminating in Las Vegas as a reporter, copy editor, and finally editor at The View (the newspapers, not the chatty TV show). In addition to newspaper work, Ginger won the Public Relations Society of America’s Pinnacle Award for her work with Imagine Communications. On the literary front, she co-wrote Sinning in the City: A Girl’s Guide to Las Vegas, and survived a broiling summer editing Marta Becket’s award-winning memoir To Dance on Sands: The Life and Art of Death Valley’s Marta Becket. When she isn’t busy finding cool events for TheList.Vegas, Ginger freelances for local and national publications.

Eric Duran-Valle, curator. Eric is a writer based in Las Vegas. He graduated from UNLV with a BA in English. His writing has appeared in Desert Companion, TheList.Vegas, In Parentheses, The Colored Lens, and Las Vegas Writes. Eric is also a musician, performing under the name The Scoundrel of the Sage. The most valuable thing he owns is a red Fender Jaguar.

Poly Schmitt, curator. Poly Schmitt is a cultural connector based in Downtown Las Vegas. From 2007 to 2011, she operated LasVegasHidden, a community for local secret events. Poly serves as vice president for The Historic Beverly Green Neighborhood Association and works as a Realtor specializing in DTLV area homes. Poly is on the “Wall of Inferno” at Mint Indian Bistro for eating nearly a pound of pure ghost chili.

Kim Treviño, curator. Kim is a bibliophile with a stack of books always nearby. When she’s not reading great stories, she’s telling them: She’s participated in four StorySlam events in recent years, and hopes to perform on The Moth Mainstage someday. If you don’t see her browsing at the bookstore, you’ll likely find her perusing the menu at one of her favorite Downtown restaurants.

Scott Dickensheets, curator. Now a freelance writer and editor, Scott has worked all over the Las Vegas media scene: most recently as a daily newsletterist for City Cast Las Vegas, and before that as features editor of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, deputy editor of Desert Companion magazine, editor in chief of the local alt-weeklies CityLife and the Las Vegas Weekly, and as an editor and columnist at the Las Vegas Sun. He also edited, co-edited, or contributed to eight volumes of the Las Vegas Writes book series, and serves on the literary committee of the Las Vegas Book Festival. He lives in Henderson with several cats and dogs named after gorgeous Colorado towns he can’t afford to move to.