Quick List: Dungeons & Dragons nights in the Las Vegas Valley

Quick Lists highlight ongoing events based around a particular theme, category, trend, or season. Here’s a curated list of noteworthy Dungeons & Dragons gatherings around the Las Vegas Valley. Weโ€™ve made every effort to ensure this information is current and accurate, but please confirm it with the event organizers.

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โฉ 5:30p Tuesdays @ Lovelady Brewery: D&D. | Dungeon Masters are available for anyone looking for a game or bring your own group. Bring a level 5 character. $1 off beer for all players.ย 

โฉ 7p Tuesdays @ Red Dwarf: Drinks & Dragonsย | Guided one-shot adventures, bring your dice.

โฉ 6p Tuesdays @ Meepleville Board Game Cafe: Dungeons & Dragons night

โฉ 2p second and fourth Sundays @ Windmill Library: Dungeons & Dragons Club | Age 13 & up/adults. Must register in advance. Email Eric, [email protected] or call 702-507-6030

โฉ 2p Sundays @ Shiba Games: RPG guided one-shot adventures, ranging from D&D, Vampire the Masquerade, Avatar: The Last Airbender. Show up if you’re ok playing any guided RPG for free.

โฉ Tuesday and Wednesday evenings @ Power 9 Gamesย  | Join their Discord for more info.

โฉ 4p Sunday March 12 @ Cemetery Pulp: Dungeons & Dragons one-shot | All players welcome, regardless of experience. Pre-generated characters available. | free
For local home games, check out these popular local Dungeons & Dragons Facebook groups:
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