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Fantasy Lab: Midnight Dreams

June 15

$35 โ€“ $42

Fantasy Lab is a collaborative project that brings together artists and visionaries to create immersive and unique experiences. It consists of seven distinct spaces, each representing different emotions and sensations such as nostalgia, madness, fear, and more. These spaces, named Labyrinth, Circus, Stars, Nightmare, Kaleidoscope, Insomnia, and Enlightenment, aim to delve into the subconscious and evoke various feelings.

Through the use of LED lights, attendees are enveloped in a dreamlike atmosphere, while thousands of meters of cable symbolically bind their fears. The power of technology is harnessed to amplify emotions and allow participants to explore their subconscious. Mirrors are strategically placed to reflect individual egos and enhance the immersive experience. (Note: visit event website for additional dates.)

Fashion Show Mall

3200 Las Vegas Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89109 United States