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GRRRL-Live 2023

July 15 - July 17

$279 โ€“ $1800

This year, GRRRL:LIVE 2023 (GL23) is focused on embracing your true self and leaving your past behind. The event features various activities such as a thrift shop diva-themed dinner, an ice bath/cold therapy plunge, laughter yoga, and watermelon crushing. There will be workshops and talks by notable individuals like Barber and Hair Educator Jessi Lawless, Captain Michelle Tavares of Las Vegas Metro Police, and Adam Clausen, author of The Resiliency Cookbook.

Other speakers include Wim Hoff trainer Shereen Yussef, Myisha T. Hill on Body Liberation, Professor Jaime Hamilton on effective communication, Marni Star, Dr. Ash Cantorno on intuitive eating and physical therapy, Weightlifter Brittany Diamond, and Australian Weightlifter and Watermelon Crusher Kortney Olson. If you use the code “KOLOCALS,” you can get an $80 discount.

Baobab Stage

6569 S Las Vegas Blvd Q 173
Las Vegas, NV 89119 United States