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“Levitate West”

September 19 at 12:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Born and raised in Las Vegas, Michael Dodson uses the desert and the surrounding mountains filled with otherworldly flora as his muse. The mountains are a refuge to gain inspiration, and through long hours trail running all forms of cacti and wildlife combine into a neural soup of experience which are later transferred to canvas.

Dodson writes, “These paintings and prints are a depiction of a realm just outside our own where the network of desert flora throughout Southern Nevada interact in a way that aligns with the neural connections of the human brain. This ancient floral language is the underlying pulse of the artwork. It is my hope that these artworks provide the viewer with the experience of an altered state of consciousness: a feeling of levitating through space, time and the Southwest Desert.”


Left of Center Art Gallery

2207 W. Gowan Road
Las Vegas, NV 89032 United States