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“The Wall of $100s”

May 16


This exhibit features Michael K. Stark’s new works on canvas. Stark reimagines common subjects with unique styling and interpretation. The artist’s manipulation of the $100 bill, flags, and lottery tickets explores evolving relationships with money, luck, and The American Dream.

Michael K. Stark is a returning artist after a 25-year absence from creating art. Born in Los Angeles, Michaelโ€™s journey as an artist started while living in Vienna, Austria, and then stopped 11 years later in Orange County, CA. During his first active period, Michaelโ€™s works were featured in 35 art exhibitions, 13 of which were solo shows.

Michaelโ€™s second act as an artist, began in late 2021 when he picked up a pen and sketched the $100 bill. That sketch gave birth to the โ€œWall of $100sโ€ series. Michael developed the Wall of $100s to be exhibited specifically in Las Vegas. He believes that no city in the world has as unique of a relationship to money as Las Vegas, and that it is a town where one can truly test the limits of money and what can be done with it. On exhibit through August 6.

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