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Vegas Fringe Festival

June 16


Las Vegas Little Theatre is hosting the 2023 Vegas Fringe Festival from June 9 to 18. The two-weekend festival of theater will feature an exciting buffet of new and established plays and performances of no more than 60 minutes each, performed multiple times throughout the festival. Here are some featured plays:

“It’s About Time” by Cardio Spider: A sketch show exploring insect prejudice, AI, true crime, 70s disco, and more. It may even involve time travel!

“Iphigenia in Orem” by Neil Labute: A chilling monologue where a businessman confesses a disturbing crime to a stranger in a Las Vegas motel room.

“The Duck Variations” by David Mamet: Two gentlemen discuss ducks as metaphors for aging, death, and life passages while sitting on a park bench.

“Woof! Oink! Oink! Oink!” by Kate Labahn: A twist on the story of the big bad wolf and three little pigs, as Hati the wolf and Bur the pig work together to stop the spread of unhealthy materials.

“(Abridged) Lives of the Saints” by David Ives: A humorous play featuring three tales, including struggles with building the Tower of Babel and solving a murder mystery.

“Man Under Her Bed” by Agnes Wolf: A comedic play about an escaped convict hiding in an elderly lady’s home and getting roped into dressing as her cousin and babysitting children.

Note multiple dates and times. Visit event website for specific dates and showtimes.

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