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GIVEN THAT, ahem, youโ€™re likely a person of refined taste, enviable moral fortitude, and fierce natural intelligence, you probably donโ€™t need a hand-holdy 101 on how to use TheList.Vegas. But just in case you have a penchant for recreational marginalia, here are a few notes on some of the siteโ€™s rad clickables. The goal is to help you better find what youโ€™re looking for in Las Vegas.

The search bar: TheList.Vegas actually has two search bars: the front-page search bar, and the more muscular gym-bro search suite on the main events page. The front-page search bar is immediately responsive, and therefore ideal for ham-slapping in single words of any level of specificity off the top of your head, whether you wanna quickly grok whatโ€™s up with The Nutcracker or want to check whether jazz still exists. (It does.)

The search suite on the main events page might be your jam if you really want to get granular up in this site. Click โ€œShow Filtersโ€ to winnow your events by category, day, cost, venue, and tag. You can use a category + tag search in lethal combination to really zoom into what youโ€™re looking for โ€” say, literary events that only take place Downtown, or festivals in Henderson. Also on the main events page, you can quickly search future events by clicking the date range label, which brings up a handy dollhouse calendar that can whoosh you ahead to where you want.

Also, donโ€™t forget that the minty-green category labels above any given event listing โ€” art, music, dance, etc. โ€” all function as filters, so you can click those on any page for a quick broad genre search.1

Youโ€™ll also notice that some happenings, such as theater events, have a little bionic square next to the date. That means the event has multiple dates. Click it to see all the dates and showtimes for the event.

AS YOU MEANDER through the site, you might also notice certain events bear a curious category tag: obsessed! Itโ€™s an easter egg I threw in and a purely personal indulgence. All it means is that I just happen to be a superfan of this particular show/band/artist/event and, hellyeah, you should certainly consider it an unabashedly naked insta-recommendation. Youโ€™ll most likely see me at the show.ย 

A Roundup is our occasional rotating hotlist of notable valley events based around a particular theme, category, topic, trend, or season. Iโ€™m aiming to post it biweekly or even weekly. Itโ€™s an experimental way to accordion-smoosh together a group of smaller events that might not otherwise justify, for whatever reason, their own dedicated listing on TheList.Vegas. Itโ€™s for recurring or ongoing events such as art exhibits, residencies, standing gigs at bars, e.g., a regular Sunday night dance party or an ongoing Friday open-mic spoken word jam. Some of the themes and categories I’ve got in the queue include burlesque nights, seasonal events, open-mic comedy, farmers markets and night markets, drag shows, bar crawls, and themed bingo nights. (If you put on any of these types of events, hit me at [email protected]!)

Finally, donโ€™t hesitate to reach out to tell me what youโ€™d like to see on this site. The definition of โ€œcultureโ€ is, as we all know, devilishly amorphous โ€” never mind freighted with thorny assumptions about class and race โ€” and, well, as with the rest of adulthood, Iโ€™m figuring it out as I go along.2 Your help in creating the local culture website Las Vegas deserves is always welcome.

photo: Lucas Santos/Unsplash

Overthinky design-nerd fun fact: We intentionally made the category labels that faded minty color to encourage visitors to hover over them โ€” to bring the labels into satisfying resolution โ€” and therefore use them. No idea whether it was a good idea or not.

Does a bar crawl constitute “culture”? Is a cover band “culture”? What if itโ€™s a local cover band? What if itโ€™s a local cover band that outperforms the band theyโ€™re covering with a sense of soul and spirit the original band didnโ€™t have?! I stayed up until 2:30 last night plunged in a shrieking Escherian mind-spiral pondering this.

Andrew Kiraly

Andrew Kiraly

Andrew Kiraly is publisher of TheList.Vegas.

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