Things to do in Las Vegas this week Jan. 16-19 + Notes

COMPRESSED JOTS from last week that led into a somewhat restorative slow-motion weekend in which I took my culture largely indoors: Saw To Kill a Mockingbird at The Smith Center, inhaled pasta and cocktails at Balla in the Sahara, watched (slowly counting on fingers) five movies ranging from the vibrant, shocking, and mythical (Black Orpheus, Eyes without a Face) to militantly pornographic (Top Gun: Maverick) to the magnetically fascinating (Banshees of Inisherin, Tรกr).

In between, as is SOP from now until eternity, strapped into the couch to read, oh, about 10 cumulative pages of the thickset mud that is Infinite Jest. At this point, the stubbornness of my commitment to complete it suggests a species of revenge as motive.

Anyway, here are some cool things going on this week.

8p Mon Jan 16 @ The Griffin: Get your retro dreampop with the UKโ€™s Heart Of Gold with alt/emo revival band The Wildfires Projekt, indie rock acoustic band Rookie Of The Year, and All The Rage.

8p Tue Jan 17 @ 24 Oxford in Virgin Hotels Las Vegas: Monthly music, dance, and fashion bash Tuesday Blend (pictured) began as an undergroundish party thang in Chinatown โ€” now it’s deservedly blown up into a vital local institution. It marks 12 years this week.

7p Tue Jan 17 @ Whitney Library: Known for her startling range and versatility, Eun Ah Roh will showcase just that. On the roster: everything from Korean pop gems to gusty samplings of โ€œMessiah.โ€

7p Wed Jan 18 @ the Mob Museum: Itโ€™s easy to forget that before Oscar Goodman was our martini-swilling mayor, he was a high-profile, high-powered defense attorney representing folks like drug kingpin Jimmy Chagra. Goodman recounts and discusses the famous trial with Chagraโ€™s eldest daughter Catherine.

5:30p Thu Jan 19 @ Paseo Verde Library: Sean Gaskell is an expert in stringed instrument the kora โ€” he even traveled to West Africa to study under master Moriba Kuyateh. Heโ€™ll perform music and discuss the history and culture behind this fascinating instrument.

Jan 19-Feb 5 @ Reynolds Hall in the Smith Center: The theatrical verz of Baz Luhrmannโ€™s already theatrical Moulin Rouge kicks off its run at The Smith Center. May contain elements of โ€œmusical mash-up extravaganza.โ€

Andrew Kiraly

Andrew Kiraly

Andrew Kiraly is publisher of TheList.Vegas.

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