Things to do in Las Vegas this weekend, Dec. 16-19 + Notes

FREEZING TEMPS on tap this weekend, which, to be an intronaut for a sec, triggers me to remark: People have their factions; I have my own loyalties.

I aver: I’m team Hot. Team Hot all the way. Cold weather in Vegas fills me with a uniquely demotivating blend of dread and resentment waaaay more than hot does. The only thing keeping me from burning an entire day pacing around the house under stacked multilayers of bathrobe and ranting in bitter, caloric gusto at the windowblinds is the chance to wear all the cool scarves I’ve somehow magnetized to my closet. Public sartorial opportunities for the win, getting me outside and amid faces. Anyway.

HERE ARE SOME cool things to do this weekend, Dec. 16-18.

Friday Dec. 16 and Saturday Dec. 17 at Charleston Heights Art Center: A Cool Yule by Contemporary West Dance Theatre. I’m there. To say that CWDT is going to “celebrate” the holidays is to flirt with misusing “celebrate” in its cheesy, diminished promotional sense. Every time I see this troupe, they’re celebrating vigorous movement, the magic of bodies in various artfully flung states of compelling velocity.

Friday Dec. 16 7-10p: ASAP Gallery in Commercial Center is this improbably tiny space that I’m convinced is some kind of secretly transportive 4D tesseract for all the strange pressurized good work they pack in. Tonight is the reception for a sculpture show, “Manuport,” featuring work by curated Mary Sabo, featuring sculptures by Ailene Pasco, DK Sole, Jessica Oreck, Marissa Gibson, and Sierra Slentz. If you miss the reception, additional gallery hours on tap 3-7p Saturday Dec. 17.

Friday Dec. 16 at Whitney Library: The punny Pentagogical Brass Quintet are music teachers and veteran brass obsessives. They’re breaking out the horn-driven holiday classics.

Friday Dec. 16: Cosplayers are the craftiest people on their planet, if only for that extra squince of crazy devotional personal passion they put into their handiwork. I wager that the holiday goods on sale at Millennium Fandom’s Christmas Market from 7p to 3a (!) will be impressive.

The three-day Blairfest Dec. 16-18, celebrating the life of beloved local musician Blair Dewane, happens at The Sand Dollar Downtown, the Plaza showroom, and the Starboard Tack. Just a peep at the roster of talent on tap hints at what Dewane meant to the LV music scene.

The Klezmatics rightfully get hella props for bringing deep interpretive grit, sweat, and a rousing rock sensibility to the Eastern European Jewish music tradition. Plus, impeccable style — not costuming, style. They play an afternoon show 3p Sunday Dec. 18 in Henderson’s Water Street Plaza Amphitheatre.

Don’t sleep on these local theater productions going away this weekend, standard tickets-going-fast alert applies: Majestic Rep’s The Wild Party and LVLT’s The 1940’s Radio Hour, both aglow with slightly unhinged holiday energy.

From the Just Throwing This Out There File: At 7p Monday Dec. 19 at the Whitney Library, an actor with the emphatically actor-sounding name Duffy Hudson1 purports to perform an ambitious, and likely athletic, one-person version of “A Christmas Carol,” in which he plays all 30 parts.

Happy weekending.

Photo: Courtesy Millennium Fandom Bar

Also, his website that encapsulates the grindy dedication of a working actor has its charms.

Andrew Kiraly

Andrew Kiraly

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